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Accepted papers

  • A Personalized Retrieval Model based on Influence Diagrams
    W. Nesrine Zemirli, Lynda Tamine-Lechani, Mohand Boughanem
  • Process-based and context-sensitive information supply in medical care
    Oliver Koch
  • Improving LSA by the expansion of contexts (poster)
    Nicolas Béchet, Mathieu Roche, Jacques Chauché
  • An Ostensive Browsing and Searching on the Web
    Hideo Joho, Robert D. Birbeck, Joemon M. Jose
  • Between symbol and language-in-use
    Emma Tonkin, Gregory Tourte
  • VIVACE Context Based Search Platform
    Romaric Redon, Andreas Larsson, Richard Leblond, Barthelemy Longueville
  • The role of context in image interpretation
    Dag Elgesem, Joan Nordbotten
  • Impact of Contextual Information for Hypertext Documents Retrieval
    Idir Chibane, Bich-Liên Doan
  • Group Profile and Ontology-based Semantic Annotation of Multimedia Data for Efficient Retrieval (poster)
    Nadeem Iftikhar
  • Towards an adaptation of semi-structured document querying
    Corinne Amel Zayani, André Péninou, Marie-Francoise Canut, and Florence Sédes
  • A Qualitative Look at Eye-tracking for Implicit Relevance Feedback
    Kirsten Kirkegaard Moe, Jeanette M. Jensen and Birger Larsen
  • Discovering Hidden Contextual Factors for Implicit Feedback
    Massimo Melucci and Ryen White